Club Features

  • Easy sign-up
  • Choice of unlimited irresistible cake flavors  and frostings
  • FREE cake personalization with company logo  or name
  • FREE paper plates, napkins, forks and spoons
  • Monthly delivery service right to your office door  (you pick the day!)
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Club Benefits

  • Montilio’s Corporate Loyalty Card which  allows 10% off all personal orders at any  Montilio’s location. (valid for one year,  excludes wedding cakes)
  • Opportunity to pre-order holiday desserts  for friends and family. Montilio’s on-time  delivery service will deliver orders to your  office for FREE! No waiting in lines during  holiday rush! (Restrictions apply)

websitegraphics_cofm-05Montilio’s believes in giving back to the community. When you join Montilio’s Cake of the Month Club, you will help make a child’s birthday wishes come true. Montilio’s will donate 10% of every Cake of the Month Club order to, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing birthday parties to homeless children.

Click here to learn more about Birthday Wishes!

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