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Dessert Pizzas

Flavors: Banana chocolate chip caramel, blueberry pie, and cannoli.


Neopolitan (Flaky puff pastry filled w/ pastry cream finished w/ fondant and chocolate ganache)

Cannolis (Legendary Italian pastry shell filled w/ fresh ricotta or pastry cream sprinkled w/ pistachios)

Petite Eclairs (Vanilla or Chocolate pastry cream filled & garnished w/ white or dark poured chocolate glaze)

Hazelnut Meringue (Light, airy egg whites flavored w/ hazelnut are baked then filled w/ mocha cream and dipped crescent style in semi- sweet chocolate)

Linzer Squares (Linzer dough filled w/ raspberry jam & sliced almonds baked in a lattice style crust brushed w/ apricot glaze)

Cream Puffs (Puff Pastry cut & filled w/ fresh whipped cream or mousse)

Chantilly Swans (Delicate paste shoux is piped to resemble a graceful swan, then cut & filled w/ fresh whipped cream or any flavored mousse finished w/ a dusting of powdered sugar & dipped chocolate)

Parragina  – An Italian classic dessert!  (Layers of puff pastry & golden sponge cake are filled w/ custard & soaked in rum, finished w/ powdered sugar)

Fresh Fruit Tarts (An all butter pastry shell loaded w/ a colorful array of seasonal fruits, sweet pastry cream & finished w/ a clear glaze)

Tea Cupcakes (Bite size cupcakes garnished w/ delicate pastel colored rosettes)

Lemon Citron Tarts (Sugar dough tart shell filled w/ lemon cream & garnished w/ blueberries or rosettes)

Chocolate Truffles (Made from the richest European chocolate, heavy cream & butter then rolled in hazelnuts, chocolate bits or pistachios. Can be flavored in Gran Marnier, Frangelica or Champagne)

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries (Fresh, ripe strawberries dipped in white or dark chocolate finished w/ contrasting chocolate drizzle or styled into elegant chocolate tuxedo jackets)

Pecan Diamonds (Sugar dough crust topped w/ a mixture of honey, raspberry jam & pecans & baked)

Petite Fours (Three layer miniature cake filled w/ jam & buttercream, then individually glazed in sumptuous pastel colored fondant garnished w/ an elegant chocolate European swirl)

Cheesecake Squares (Individual cheesecakes baked in sugar dough crust finished w/ a strawberry glaze & garnish of your choice)

Peach Squares (A sugar dough square layered w/ golden genouis sponge cake, raspberry jam, peach slices, & finished w/ an apricot glaze)

Ganache Brownie Squares (Delicious fudge brownies frosted w/ a deep chocolate ganache)

Mocha Rounds (A sliced roll of sponge cake layered w/ mocha cream, raspberry & lemon jam, sprinkled w/ coconut)


Strawberry Shortcake (Gold Sponge Layers loaded w/ Strawberry and Fresh Whipped Cream)

Italian Rum Cake (Sponge Layers generously soaked w/ Rum Syrup filled w/ alternating layers of Chocolate and Vanilla Custard and Fresh Whipped Cream)          

Chocolate Truffle (3 Layers of Chocolate Cake surrounding Chocolate Truffle Filling, Finished w/ Chocolate Agnate, dusted Cocoa, and garnished w/ a candy Violet)   

Gateau Charlene (3 Layers of Moist Chocolate Cake brushed w/ Gran Marnier surrounding a sweet Strawberry or Raspberry filling and White Chocolate Mousse. Dipped Strawberries and Chocolate Shavings create a striking presentation)

Chantilly Fresh Fruit Cake (Choose any flavor cake, filled w/ fresh Chantilly cream, lite Custard Cream w/ fresh kiwi, strawberries, or raspberries)

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Ice cream (Pick any 2):

Chocolate Chip Cookie w/ Vanilla Ice cream

Chocolate Chip Cookie w/ Chocolate Ice cream


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