Cake Sizes & Serving Information

Cake Size & Serving Info

Please note that add-ons to your order may affect the price. Custom orders $50 and above require a 50% deposit, and all orders above $100 need to be paid in full at time of ordering. This is due to material and labor cost. Cakes with a remaining balance should be paid in full 24 hours in advance of scheduled pick-up. Customers will be asked to sign off that they approve of the order when it is taken, and on pick-up, will sign that they are 100% satisfied and that the cake left the store in good condition. Montilio’s is not liable for orders that are not picked up and cannot refund money for orders not cancelled within 48 hours in advance in writing and/or with an authorized confirmation number.

Wedding cakes ordered several months in advance are an exception. A 50% deposit is required to validate the order and all balances need to be paid in full 10 days prior to delivery.

Thank you!